Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Catchup with CloudBees Developers: AngularJS - the New Hotness, API Design Rants, Analysis of Contributions with Git and More

Recently been quite a few people on holidays, some burning from the heat, others freezing (the joys of a global company). But here are some recent random technical postings from the CloudBees development team:

1. AngularJS clickstart released - AngularJS being the hottest new JS thing at the moment (this ClickStart sets up a build/test and app using Angular for you)

2. Michael talks about a nasty lesson he learned about dependencies while at University: 

3. Stephen rips out some mean shell scripting and R to make graphs of contributions to popular open source projects: 

4. Stephen writes (rants?!) about the art and craft of API design:

-- Michael Neale
Elite Developer and Architect

Michael is an open source polyglot developer. For his sins he spent time at JBoss, working on the Drools project, and then Red Hat, where he continually caused trouble on various projects. His interest in the cloud is natural, as he is attracted to disruptive technologies. Michael lives and works in the Blue Mountains, just outside Sydney, Australia. Follow Michael's daily struggle on Twitter or on his blog.

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